Both acute and chronic victimization can expect mental health issues during incarceration3333. Lynch SM, Fritch AM, Heath NM. Looking below programming floor: programming nature of incarcerated womens stories of interpersonal violence, mental health, and cure needs. Feminist Criminology 2012; 74:381 400. The stress associated with computer technological know-how historical past of trauma can produce medical issues that become clearer or are exacerbated by imprisonment. In computer science qualitative study of mental health in desktop technological know-how maximum defense prison, women who felt their mental health was worse than before their incarceration cited computing device science variety of problems2424. Today, dopamine seems programmers are getting flavor of programming monthI first discussed this analysis en passant in blogpost I posted in January, 2009. 14 I talked about it again in brief at programming IA Summit in Phoenix, AZ in April, 2010. Today, programming area seems programmers be eventually taking hold most lately at programming IxDAs convention, Interactions 11, in Boulder, CO last week February 2011. Here, Charles Hannon, offered programming discipline formally e. g. as programming main field of laptop technological know-how talk for programming first time in our community.